KFO Consultants - Now offering Personal Training services out of WORLD GYM in San Diego!!!

KFO not only offers online nutritional consultations and specifically designed workout routines.. but now offers personal training services at World Gym in San Diego!!! With a combined 27 years of experience, Lou Uridel and Jamie Allen offer not only the knowledge to get you where you need to be - but also practice what they preach. Both specialize in helping you build lean muscle, lose excess body fat, body toning, youth athletics, as well as nutritional consultations.












Consultant Bios





Certifications: ACSM, NASM, ISSA-CPT, ISSA-SPN, AFTA, and NESTA.

Education: BA in Criminal Justice and History from Indiana University, MS in Biomechanics, J.D. in Law from DePaul University

Athletic History: Big 10 Track and Field Athlete - High Jump/Sprinter

.... Fitness isn't something you can just read about, or do... fitness is a way of life. It is something you need to embrace and look at square in the mirror. If you want to make a change, you have to decide for yourself. Once you make the decision, the first step, you are on your way to making that lifestyle change. But where do you start?

I've always used the analogy - if your car is having problems... where do you take it? You go to the mechanic. You don't go online, look up a "quick fix" for your engine.. and start taking it apart and then hope it works properly when you get out on the road. So, why would you take something like your BODY... and think you can read up one of the many fad diets out there, and apply the same logic? I am your fitness consultant.. I will help to educate you on the ways of proper training, nutrition, supplementation.. I will help teach you what works and what doesn't. Trust me - I'm not a rep- counter... my goal as a trainer - is to educate you on the PROPER form for your exercises, to teach you the goods and bads about eating.. to help explain how your body works - and the causes and effects of proper vs. poor eating habits.

My history:

I started off at Indiana University where I had a nice stint as a Big 10 Track athlete. It was great - and I learned much about plyometric training, advanced athletic techniques, and how to take your body to higher levels. From there - I wanted to pursue a career in law. I attended, and graduated from the DePaul School of Law in 2001. I practiced tax law in Chicago for about a year... all during this time, my desire to be back into fitness never faltered. I started an MS program in Biomechanics shortly after I passed the Illinois bar exam in 2001... I received my MS in 2003.

I then, passed the California Bar exam in 2004 - it was definitely one of my most proud achievements. Still... The desire to help others... to benefit from the knowledge I had gained.. was there.

I have been training clients since 2000... and I have been training clients full time since 2003. I have trained roughly 1800+ hours per year since 2003 and have many happy clients to show from it.

But WHY? I get the question about 10 times a week now, it used to be more. WHY? Why are you a personal trainer and not an attorney? Well - I'm ALWAYS an attorney - but I choose to be a trainer because I feel like I'm HELPING people.. I feel like I am making progress with my clients... like they are learning and they are benefiting from me UP close and Personal... I never got the feeling as an attorney. I like the fact I am helping to impact the lives of others - helping them to live longer, get in better shape, and correct health issues they may have as a result of improper training or diet. THAT... that is why I do it.

I am an NPC Bodybuilding competitor - and competed in the 2008 San Diego Classic. I will be competing again this year, in the San Diego Classic, the OC Classic and, God willing - the Boarder States - right here in San Diego!





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